Bill Fabbri provides a broad range of corporate legal services to life science companies.  With his years as the General Counsel of a public biopharmaceutical company, Bill understands how to work with a company’s various constituencies, including management, directors and scientists, not just as an attorney, but also as a business partner.  

Whether you are interested in supplementing existing in-house legal resources or looking to lessen your reliance on expensive law firms, Fabbri Law offers life science companies high-quality legal expertise that is more flexible than a full-time in-house attorney and more cost effective than large outside law firms.

Fabbri Law works with companies in a number of areas, including:
    •Business development matters including licensing,                                       collaboration and distribution agreements
    •Core industry agreements such as MTAs, clinical trial, CRO 
              and sponsored research agreements
    •Manufacturing/supplier, purchase and support agreements
    •Securities issuances
    •Corporate governance and Board matters
    •Employment and consulting agreements

Providing Corporate Legal Services to the Life Science Community
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