Providing Corporate Legal Services to the Life Science Community
Bill provides both experience and value.  Working with a large law firm, most of your legal work is probably done by associates a few years out of law school, not the partner you originally met with.  When working with Fabbri Law, you’ll receive the benefits of a corporate attorney with over a dozen years of experience working with life science companies.  In addition, most of the attorneys at a large law firm, partner or associate, have never worked at a life science company.  Having spent four years as the General Counsel of a public biopharma company, Bill understands how to evaluate and integrate the business and legal risks faced by life science companies.

In addition to benefiting from greater experience, you’ll get greater value working with Fabbri Law.  Large law firms are set up to handle large, complex transactions and specialized areas of law and their billing rates reflect that.  Even when you have a less complex transaction or agreement, you’re still charged premium rates.  Fabbri Law allows you to utilize your large firm when appropriate while more efficiently spending your legal capital on matters that don’t involve a specialty area of law or require an army of attorneys. 

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